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Imagine having a once in a life time experience while viewing breathtaking views from the top of a high mountain. Feeling the adrenaline race through you as you scale vertical ascensions that few have ever dared and descending via rappel defying gravity at your will.  You may stand atop a spire, literally on top of the world, or cross a Chasm (a Tyrolean Traverse) high above the ground feeling the pure air rush by you as you cross from one summit to the other. The sky is the limit and you choose how much adventure you want with our custom tailored guides to meet your full expectations.

Reignite Your Spirit and Experience Something Amazing.

Do a guided mountain climb with AMG and not only will you experience a once in a life time adventure, you will feel the exhilaration of discovering what your possible is.

Build Confidence and Trust in Yourself by Conquering the Toughest Mountains.

Sometimes it takes a little fear before you can build confidence and trust. To conquer some of the world’s toughest mountains you may experience some fear and if you are not ready for this then it’s ok to walk away now. But we at AMG promise that you will have a life changing experience if you are up to the challenge.

Dream it and We’ll Help You Live It

If you can dream it we can help you live it! All adventures are custom tailored so wether you sleep on the side of a cliff or in the comfort of a hotel room with a view, we will make it happen.


Once mean and lean, Aaron Collins served our great nation as a Marine in Two deployments to Iraq. Wanting to climb as often as possible he entered the Army reserves and became an EMT and combat medic in 2009 and then went on to become a nurse in 2010. He currently trains with the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office Search And Rescue.

Aaron has been climbing since 1992 and has climbed through out North America. Calling Az. Ut. Ca. and Wa home. Each region offered it’s own unique rock and required adapting to fit the challenges. He started guiding as a Marine in CA in 2003, mostly to broke service members wanting a getaway,  then on to tourists in southern Ut.

He volunteers his time with the Boy Scouts and Vets. His passion is to inspire others to live life to the fullest.  Concerns Can you get hurt! Absolutely!  You can get hurt getting out of bed. The key is will  you get hurt, absolutely not! Safety is paramount!  Having amazing memories can only happen if your safe.  Being aware of all risks is a duty all share on the rock. There is no room for complacency. Fear is a concern to be understood. Fear is good but we must not let it impede growth. You can do it!!! 

Pricing and Packages

Intro to Climbing

If you can climb a ladder you can climb this.
2 hours
1 climb 5.0

1 rappel
50′ Tyrolean Traverse 

$250 for 1 person
$175 each for up to 3

$125 each for 4-6

The Grand Traverse 

3 hours
1 climb 5.0
1 traverse 5.0 via feratta
Traverses a ledge for 100 feet
1 rappel
1 Tyrolean Traverse ride a rope from peak to peak

$300 1 person
$275 each up to 3
$225 each for 4-6

The Summit 

3 hours
2 Summit climbs 5.0 and 5.4
2 rappels

$300 each up to 3
$250 each for 4-6

The Grand Summit

If you can climb a ladder you can climb this.
4 hours
2 climb 5.0 and 5.4
1 traverse 5.0 via feratta
2 rappels
1 Tyrolean Traverse

$500 each up to 3
$400 each for 4-6

Custom Packages: Room with a view – Sleep over night on a portaledge (Includes all gear and two mountain house meals) – $1,000 or $750 each for 3   |  Custumer guided packages are $500  |  Overnight Packages – All gear included (Tent, Pad bag, Headlamp, Two meals) $500 per person | Al La Carte – 5 minute video is $50, 5 pictures $20, GoPro rental $20, Pro Photographer packages from $1000 (call for quote)  |  All packages purchased qualify for 1 time 25% off $100 or more of store products  |  All packages are meet on location, add $100 for pick up and drop off within 50 miles

Package Option Up To 2 Climbers Up To 4 Climbers Up To 6 Climbers
Intro To Climbing
The Grand Traverse
The Summit
The Grand Summit

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